Today’s customers are considerably different than they were just 10 years ago.  Back then, marketing was a pull effort.  Trying to drive eyeballs to your website through SEO and banner ads. Maybe, a bit of email marketing. Today, the game has changed and will continue to evolve faster than we can keep up with it.  Data insights offer the potential to know our clients better than they know themselves.

The potential of Big Data is changing so quickly that we need to look beyond today’s analytic solutions and imagine where enterprise-grade analytics is headed in the future. Next-generation marketing analytics on Big Data platform offers a connected world – where data permeates every aspect of the customer experience. Beyond the obvious insights for sales and lead generating applications, marketing analytics on Big Data offers insights into next generation trends. In the face of compelling profit, majority of organizations need resources of Big Data to realize the promises led towards marketing.

As marketers, we must realize our customers are connected in non-traditional ways including wearables, SMS, IoT devices and much more.  They are able to browse online on any device and compare prices, other user experiences and reviews, and form opinions without ever stepping foot in your store. Therefore organizations must strive to continually improve the user experience. To remain relevant, organizations must reach out to their market through a variety of means

“From social media to mobile devices, technologies have given consumers unprecedented power to compare prices, complain loudly, and find the best deals.”

The New Consumer Decision Journey – McKinsey

Next Generation Marketing through Big Data Analytics

The biggest challenge we face is aggregating the marketing silos created on our legacy systems. Does the information collected on your email campaign integrate with the data from your web traffic? And how does all that work with your social media efforts? Big Data is the key to unlocking that potential.

Big data analytics continue to evolve with the growing volume, velocity, variety, variability and complexity of information resulting in real-time actionable insights. As Big Data is diverse, organizations must recognize advanced analytics need to be implemented in a customized way that suits their business process. Big Data supports marketing analytics with strategy of development, collaborative planning, analysis, execution, reporting and the ability to measure marketing programs more precisely. Further, it helps organization to better understand their customers resulting in a better ROI from marketing programs. It enables organizations to transform social media data into successful marketing strategies. Big Data coupled with marketing analytics can create customer engagement and increase customer loyalty. Big Data analytics offers insights through testing, analysis and measurement so that organizations can trace their market optimization process effectively.

Marketing analytics helps marketers to take smarter decisions and improve outcomes. For integrating and automating marketing processes, Big Data analytics plays a vital role and helps organizations with effective workflow for optimizing business process. Industries are shifting from a volume-based to a value-based business and increase the demands from consumers for enhanced quality and deliver better outcomes. To enable organizations to transform business challenges into revenue opportunities, Big Data analytics over marketing applications plays an advent role. Big Data integration on effective decision making with marketing analytics can offer greater insights through reporting and customizable dashboards on sales and marketing.

Next generation marketing analytics helps organizations garner the insights that will ultimately drive an improved user experience.

Scalable Systems real time business intelligence enables business users to get up-to-the-minute data by directly accessing operational systems or feeding business transactions into a real-time data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) system. We provide the power of real-time dashboards, reporting and analysis across all the integrated processes within the software suite.

Next Generation Marketing through Big Data Analytics